Friday, October 21, 2011

Read-A-Thon Prep

Tomorrow is the Read-A-Thon, one of my favorite book events.  If you haven't signed up yet, go here and get your name on the list.  You don't have to have a blog, just a desire to read, meet other book fanatics, win prizes and have a lot of fun.  

Today is Official Read-A-Thon Prep Day, so I'll be spending my day getting rid of all possible distractions, like the dust on the end table, the stack of laundry, the tomatoes that need canned, and the dirty dishes.  Once the house is reasonably free of distractions, there is food prep - a make-ahead meal that can be popped in the oven tomorrow evening, something easy to grab for lunch, and lots and lots of snacks.

Step three is book selection.  This is the toughest part, but if I don't have a general line-up in mind, I waste too much time deciding what to read.

My current read (Christmas Wedding) plus books from the library.

Recent book purchases and gifts.

ARCs and a few others that should have been read long ago.
The pics aren't very clear, but if you see something there that I should put near the top of the pile, please let me know.   During previous read-a-thons, I found it easier to keep focus if I jump back and forth between a couple books, and if I don't read anything too deep.

The final piece of the perfect read-a-thon day is ambiance.  Since it will be a crisp autumn day here, I think some Christmas music and the scent of apples/cinnamon are in order.

I better get to work.  What are your read-a-thon plans?


  1. Hi Tami! I'm hosting the readathon when you are hosting the mini challenge tomorrow and just wondered if you could drop me a line about what you have planned so that I could get a head start on post writing? Sorry, I would have got in touch sooner but have just got your details. Looking forward to it! And am nervous - not cohosted before!
    Thanks so much, Lyndsey x
    teadevotee at gmail dot com

  2. Good luck with it! I read that Elizabeth Berg book; I liked it!!

    Seems like you got it all planned out too!


  3. Well, that should keep you busy! The first time I did a readathon, I only picked as many books as I really thought I could finish (although I did get a good variety). Now I always pick a good pile cuz you never know what you'll want to read at 3 a.m., do you?!

  4. I've signed up too! I think it's best to do shorter books. Then you don't get bogged down or bored :) Check in with your tomorrow.

  5. Quite a pile of books. Just cheering everyone on!

  6. Great choices! I'm really excited, and we've only got half an hour to go!

    My list is here if you're interested: