Saturday, October 22, 2011

Read-A-Thon Phase III

I made it through Phase I: the early hours of excitement and anticipation, and Phase II: the busy hours when we hosted a mini-challenge, read all the responses, selected a winner, Dave was home for lunch, KSU/KU football game was on (Yeah, Cats!!) and concentration was at a minimum.

Now I'm set for Phase III:  The house is quiet again and I've got several hours of quiet before Dave will be back home (we're in harvest here, so he's working 12-14 hour days).  But the "newness" has warn off, and I'm getting drowsy.  Time to hunker down and do some serious reading. 

Hang in there readers!

6:00 update - Started a new book, Shakespeare's Christmas by Charlaine Harris.  No, I haven't finished Katie's Way, thank you for asking, but my mind needs some variety at this stage of the game.

7:00 update - really not much to update.  More of the same book.  I bought this paperback at a used book store because I was curious about Ms. Harris' writing, but I couldn't get interested in the vampire stories.  This is a really well written cozy mystery.  


  1. I always find what you've dubbed Phase 3 the hardest. I've been reading for quite some time and am ready to hit the sack. Guess it's time for more tea!

    Good luck with you're reading!

  2. Wow, I admire you all! I could never do this! Keep on trucking though!