Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TV Collage

The kids haven't done anything funny to write about, I can't work up the concentration to review the books sitting here, the laundry is actually caught up, and I'm avoiding working on cross-stitch Christmas stockings.  All of this adds up to me spending hours collecting and arranging pictures to further challenge your knowledge of classic TV.  Now you have an excuse to sit at your computer and avoid whatever it is you don't want to do.  You can thank me later.

There are twenty-five shows represented below.  How many can you name?  (No need to find the bi-focals, just click on the image to make it larger.)


  1. I did much better with this one; there were only three that I wasn't sure about. Cool collage! Good that the laundry is caught up! I bet the cross stitch stockings will come out great; lots of work I'm sure!!


  2. Got all of them but that black and white swirl one hmmm! Mr. Green Jeans, WOW! My brother and I watched that always! maybe I'll go brush my teeth again and the swirl one will come to me.

  3. Very cool! I got all, but two. I'm not quite sure, but I think I know the swirl one. I did not know that was Mr. Green Jeans. I didn't watch that show. Waiting patiently for the answers....