Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Generosity, Creativity and Prayer

The mailman delivered two surprise packages yesterday.  It was a fabric explosion!

Two lovely, generous Farmgirl Sisters sent me goodies from their fabric stash.  The sizes range from a few inches to a half-yard.  I was planning projects by the dozens while sorting through the piles.  Number one on my list is the Book Quilt.  I now have PLENTY of choices for making the 300+ "books".  One package included some pre-cut 8" squares which my sister and I will be making into potholders.

Among the many treasures I received was one that made my heart do an extra pitter-patter.  This lovely ocean print - and a good-sized hunk of it - was probably my favorite find.  It will become something adorable and beach-related for my house.

Another project that will benefit from this gift are my prayer flags.  I recently ran across the idea - I can't remember where - which led me to the Prayer Flag Project website and this Pinterest board,  The idea of prayer flags is based somewhere in Buddhism, but the details vary depending on what source you read.  Regardless of the history, the common idea today is to create a fabric or paper flag to represent the person or subject you are praying for.  The flag is then hung outside to wave in the wind and scatter the prayers to heaven, or to blow blessings throughout the neighborhood.  The interpretation is open and not necessarily theologically sound from a Christian perspective, but I figure if the smoke from incense can be used in scripture to symbolize prayers rising to Heaven, the symbolism of the breeze isn't far off.  

There are no instructions for creating a prayer flag. They can be quilted, painted, adorned with lace, buttons, flowers . . . the possibilities are endless.  They tend to be rectangular and approximately 10"x12" - but the size and shape are as individual as the decorations. They can fly for a day to mark prayers for a certain event, or left up indefinitely for ongoing concerns.  

I have so many ideas in my head, it will take awhile to get caught up.  I hope to start on the first prayer flag this evening.  The addition of the "Fabric Extravaganza" will certainly help my creativity.  Thank you, ladies!


  1. That is a generous gift. What a blessing those farmgirls are.

  2. Great fabric! That's an awesome idea -- to swap fabrics like that. I can't wait for your finished projects.