Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LIVE from Salem . . .

. . . it's Needlework Tuesday!

Today's Needlework Tuesday post features live updates.  I have a list of projects I want to accomplish today so, in the hopes that publishing my to-do list will keep me focused, I'll be posting periodic updates on my progress.

The main project today is a prayer quilt.  A prayer quilt is a very basic patchwork (mine is made from 8" squares") that forms a cross in the center.  This variation actually forms three crosses - the applique in the center, the brown cross and the larger blue cross.  It is tied, rather than quilted, and the quilter says a prayer for the recipient as she ties each knot.  With a tie at each intersection, that's fifty-four prayers stitched into this quilt.

I got the squares cut and a few rows assembled while I was at my sister's house over the weekend.  This morning I have assembled three more complete rows and the remaining sections.  Here's how it looks at this point:

I would really like to have it pieced and tied by the end of the day.  That gives me tomorrow to work on binding before I have to return to work on Thursday.  I want to have this completed to present to it's recipient this weekend.

I also have this teeny-tiny cross-stitch project to finish during breaks from the quilt (my aching back won't quilt non-stop any more).  

And in between these projects, I want to clean and rearrange the living room, and wash the half-dozen loads of laundry waiting on me.  I better get moving . . .

UPDATE:  1:30 P.M.  The quilt top is pieced, the living furniture is moved and two loads of laundry done.  Next up:  Quilt backing and ties, dusting and replacing living room decor and one more load of laundry.
UPDATE: 5:00  The quilt top, batting and backing are stacked and the ties in place - just waiting to be tied and the binding attached.  The living room is clean and arranged.  The laundry didn't fair as well - I got sidetracked.  But housework can wait till tomorrow - on to reading and cross-stitching.


  1. It's beautiful, Tami! You've done a lot today. I'm sure the recipient is going to love it.

  2. Prayer quilts are new to me. I like what you have done and how you are doing it. very thoughtful.

    I enjoyed seeing your day of progress.Thanks.

  3. Very productive day! I love the quilt - so how did you rearrange the living room?

  4. Lovely quilt, hope you recovered enough to join today's readathon!