Saturday, October 20, 2012

Autumn in Pictures . . .

I've been playing with photography again - trying to capture the changing seasons.  So, here's Autumn in southeast Nebraska after a summer-long drought:

Lying in the leaves
Dry creek bed
Love the contrast of the leaves against that clear sky
Hiding Place
And sunset - playing with various exposures and setting.  Which one do you prefer?
Blue Sunset
Grey Sunset


  1. I like the blue sunset! Great pictures of your beautiful corner of the world. Funny that I had started a blog post called Autumn in Beloit. I started it because all of a sudden one of the trees in our front yard turned blazing orange and I was shocked! But so far I haven't made it out of my own yard . . . so I need to travel around town and see what I want to capture in pics! Love it that you are in to photography.

  2. Beautiful and yellow is my favorite color!

  3. Those leaves are so gorgeous! I like the sunset pictures too on how you did blue/grey!

    Very nice fall pictures!


  4. Gorgeous! You definitely captured the season!