Saturday, October 13, 2012

Readathon: Marking Books Mini-Challenge

The ladies at Nisaba be Praised are asking "How do you mark your place?"  My favorite bookmarks are ones I created myself:
I created them using the Paint program on my computer, the background image from my blog, the laminating machine at work and some matching ribbon.  The include my blog title, URL and Twitter name.  I include a bookmark in any prizes I give away or just hand them out to people who want to remember my blog site.  Incredibly easy and inexpensive to make (just pennies for the paper, ink, laminating supplies and ribbon) and a fun way to promote my blog.


  1. And I don't HAVE one of those precious bookmarks either!!

  2. Beautiful bookmark Tami! I love the bookshelf under the sink. That's a sign of a true reader right there--books to cook supper by! LOL

    I hope you've been able to relax and get into your reading. I just started really reading for the read-a-thon about three hours ago myself :)

  3. Oh these are so cute! Those would be perfect to make and send with books I give away. I might have to borrow this idea!!!