Monday, October 1, 2012

They're All Together Ooky. . .

I'm haven't been a big fan of Halloween since I outgrew Trick-or-Treating (if you're curious, you can find out why in this post), so October is usually just one more month of lead-up to Christmas.  But this year I have three special events on the calendar for October and I'm slightly giddy.  First up is Murder, Monsters and Mayhem (or Mx3) - a month-long celebration of all things spooky, mysterious or macbre.  You can find out what I'll be reading and watching, in this post.

Dewey's Read-A-Thon is scheduled for Saturday, October 13th - twenty-four hours of reading, blogging, entering challenges and meeting new bloggers.  This will be my fifth read-a-thon (it's held every April and October) and it's one of the most anticipated days of the year for me.  

And when I'm not reading, reading, reading - I'll be crafting.  In hopes of getting lots of Christmas gifts made, I signed up for Trish's Pin It/Do It Challenge.  The challenge encourages Pinterest users to stop making plans for "some day" and start accomplishing some of those pins.  The projects don't have to be crafts - they can be recipes, decorating, personal goals, traveling, gardening - whatever you have marked as something you hope to accomplish.  You can view my board of potential projects here.

For more information or to join any of these fun events, click on the icons in the sidebar to the left.  And have an "All together ooky"* October.

*Can you name that tune?


  1. Sounds like fun things for the month of October! Can you imagine that we are in the month of October already? Where did ths year go?


  2. Sounds like your going to be busy....enjoy!

  3. I love the Addams family! We end up watching old episodes every Halloween because we're not into the scary stuff.

    I love these events- I haven't watched a Hitchcock movie in years. I'll have to check to see if they're on Netflix.

    I'm a proud pinterest-achiever. I might have to join in on that too!

  4. I loved your post - especially going back to the 2010 Halloween post to reread - I also have signed up for Pin It Do It and have a couple of projects that now i'm scared about! Ha Ha Went to Alco to see if I could find supplies to make myself a Fall Wreath. Sure did like the premade ones Alco had! But refrained. Also need to figure out material needs for pillowcases. If I am making them to take to Texas, I have two weeks. Wish I would be home to share in the Readathon!