Monday, October 15, 2012

They're Baaaack!

The family is coming!  The family is coming! To arms! - or at least to the grocery store.  I'm so excited - but you probably guessed that.  We have a busy week ahead - lots of prep work and then four days with all the kids and grandkids at our house.  You may recall that we tried this a year ago and it wasn't a total success.  If you've forgotten the gory details, read this post.  If you remember that story, you're probably asking yourself, "Why are these idiots doing this again?"  Because, this time we have motel rooms booked!  All the fun of being together without sharing one bathroom and draining the water well.

Tonight is dedicated to a massive grocery-shopping trip.  With all of us together, that's 8 adults and 2 kids to feed for four days.  That requires a bulging refrigerator!  Tomorrow - my day off - will be spent cleaning and baking.  Then Wednesday evening will be the final cleaning chores and laundry catch-up.  Dave has his own list of chores, including chopping plenty of firewood and getting the motorcycle battery charged/replaced so the grandsons can have rides.

And on Thursday they pour in.  Amy and little boys arrive at the Kansas City airport at 2:00. I love meeting them to see those faces light up as they run off the plane.  Mitch and Mackenzie should be at our house by the time we return from the airport.   Amanda and Isaiah will be up after classes are finished, and Tom, Amy's fiance, flies into KC from San Diego at 10:00 p.m.  He'll rent a car and drive up on his own.  Whew!

Friday evening we have reservations for the Haunted Hollow Hay Rack Ride at Indian Cave State Park, Saturday night is the KSU football game on TV (Go Cats!), and Sunday is church followed by lunch at a local restaurant still to be determined, and college kids head home.  Amy, Tom and boys fly out on Monday afternoon.  In between, there will be fishing, food, a scavenger hunt, food, crafts, puzzles, food, and games - and lots of laughs.

Hopefully I'll get a Pin It/Do It post and an Mx3 post scheduled before Thursday - but if not, you'll understand why I'm a little scarce this week.


  1. Wishing you the best family time ever...enjoy!!

  2. Have a great time with your family!

  3. We said goodbye to one child and two Grands on Sunday, and will welcome the next onslaught on Thursday, like you- a son and two more Grands. I made a master plan of meal and groceries too. It takes the panic out of meal time--just look at the menu posted on the fridge. Unfortunately for those of us who live here full time, the desserts on line for these two weeks will take us til Christmas to work off. Have a ton of fun. The hay ride sounds great. We will feast and frolic for the whole time and love those little and big ones to death.

  4. Just got back from a weekend with family as you know and I miss them terribly already! You have lots of fun things planned and I know that Indian Cave will be a great hit! The boys will remember this for a long time! Enjoy and give them all hugs from me!

  5. How exciting Tami! I know you are looking forward to it and I do remember the fiasco from last year! Wise idea with the motel rooms!! Enjoy your time with your family!


  6. How wonderful! I'm sure it will be crazy and loud but fun and filled with love! Enjoy.