Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pin It/Do It Challenge - Week 2

My theme for week two of the Pin It/Do it Challenge was "Stocking Stuffers".  First up were adorable business card holders from Tina@Stamp, Stitch and Swizzle Stix.  I don't have business cards any more, but I thought it would work well for all those store rewards cards that are shoved in a pocket of my purse.  After making one following the instructions, I found that most store rewards cards are slightly larger than a standard business card, so when I made the next one I increased all dimensions by 1/2 inch.  (Cut back and lining 6"x5" and inner pockets 3"x5").  These were simple and quick to assemble.  In fact, I have 15 more cut and waiting on my sewing table.  (Click on image to enlarge)
Original pin           (L) my first try, (R) larger size        Inside view
Next on Santa's list were tissue holders.  These were even faster and easier than the card holders.  Since you can mix and match up to six different fabrics on each case (back, lining and four front flaps), it's a great way to use up scraps.  I whipped up 10 in an afternoon and have at least that many more cut out.  I liked using larger patterns (such as the coffee cup) for the back panel.  You can also use up stray buttons or other embellishments to personalize your cases. 
     Original pin            My cases (front view)    My cases (back view)
And finally, the elves and I whipped up a "hot dog" pillow case.  I had purchased fabric at Amanda's request to make her a pillow case, then my sister (Teri@HenningsenHappenings) discovered this quick method for making cases with a contrasting cuff and hidden seams.  The instructions are widely available on Pinterest and Youtube.  I actually used this video, but I found the example picture from a pin by Notes From the Patch.  The body of Amanda's pillowcase is made from stretch fleece.  I wouldn't recommend this and I'll certainly never do it again - the fabric was a real pain to work with - but I will be making more of these.
Original Pin                                   My version
Next week will be dedicated to recipes I've pinned - maybe treats for Santa?


  1. Love what you have made. The pillow cases are adorable!

  2. I like those tissue holders! I'll definitely be back to see what recipes you try!


  3. Very cool! I'm inspired to make my own pillow cases.

  4. Those tissue holders are such a clever idea! I've never seen them made of fabric but those are really cute.

  5. I love the tissue holders! I never carried tissues with me until the babe but now have to have them all the time. This would be perfect!