Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh There's No Place Like Home For the Holidays . . .

...but none of us will be home.  Our Thanksgiving celebration begins tonight with a family gathering at the nursing home where Dave's mom lives.  Then tomorrow we head to Hays, KS for Thanksgiving dinner with Mitch.  Once again, he's on call with his job, so we are taking the food to him - and to any of his fraternity brothers who also had to stay in town for jobs.  Amanda is headed to Kansas City to have turkey with her boyfriend's family - and then attend the Chiefs/Broncos game on Sunday.  Go Broncos!!

We will return home on Saturday and I intend to devote Sunday to Thankfully Reading Weekend sponsored by Jenn @ Jenn's Bookshelves.  

There are no rules to the weekend, we’re simply hoping to devote a good amount of time to reading, and perhaps meeting some of our reading challenges and goals for 2012. We thought it’d be fun if we cheered each other on a bit.  We’ll also be checking in on Twitter using hashtag #thankfulreading. Join in for the weekend or for only a single day. No rules, no pressure!  Once again this year, we will be doing some fun Thankfully Reading mini-challenges over the weekend.  Be sure to check back Thanksgiving weekend for more details! - Go to Jenn's blog to sign up.
Then I'll hit the ground running on Monday for a jam-packed December:

A multitude of gifts to make and wrap
14 days at work
12 dozen cookies 
11 Christmas movies
10 books to meet my yearly goal
9 people at our house on Christmas Day
8 pins for the Pin It/Do It Challenge
7 pounds to lose
4 weeks of Advent
3 trees to decorate
2 Christmas Concerts
1 Cross-stitch picture to complete 
1 office party
1 KSU football game
1 (wishful thinking) shopping trip
1 trip to my mom's
... And a Partridge in a pear tree.

But all are things I enjoy and I'll be loving every minute and humming Christmas carols as I go.


  1. That's a long list but I know you will accomplish them all! Can't wait to see you all on the 22nd!

  2. Lots of excitement in December! Busy month indeed!! I hope all enjoy their Thanksgiving celebrations! Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Wishing you safe travels.