Monday, November 12, 2012

Timber . . .

One evening last week, Dave and I stopped by the farm pond where we fish occasionally in order to retrieve some gear that had gotten left behind when the grandsons were here in October.  Of course, as long as you're standing on the bank of a well-stocked pond and holding "fish poles" (as Dave calls them), you can't resist casting just a few times.  When our short angling outing was over (does anyone know why they call it "angling"?) the scoreboard looked like this:
First fish:      Tami
Biggest fish:  Tami
Most fish:      Tami
ALL the fish:  Tami

Dave feigns ignorance of the existence of a fishing scoreboard, but his recollection improves when his name is on it.  To be fair, he gave me the pole with the best lure and then he removed all three fish from my hook and returned them to the pond - so we'll call it even.  

All that aside, my fishing prowess isn't really the point of this post.  The point is the mystery of nature we discovered among the trees.  Everyone knows beavers gnaw down trees and build dams - we learn that in grade school - but I had never seen it.  
And so it begins . . .

. . . and continues . . .
                 . . . Timber!
. . . and this is all that's left.
Since there were several stumps but no fallen trees (whole or partial) lying about, I assume they have been drug into the water and strategically placed to snag my fishing lure . . . but how?  I don't know how big a beaver actually is, but how does it drag an entire tree?  I couldn't do it!  Guess I'll just file that under "Things that make you say . . . hmmmmm."


  1. OMG I have never heard of this or seen it!! Was this by your pond?

  2. Pretty impressive with the beaver working on that tree and having it indeed to timber! I think it would be neat to watch it work (from a safe distance away, LOL :)

    good for you for catching those fish!! (and then releasing them :)


  3. Nice post, I enjoyed the pics and I would love to catch the beaver actually moving the tree after its down too! Don't they work at night? Lets do a stake out!