Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Pin It/Do It: Pin #3

I have some sort of weird infatuation with cardinals, especially in Christmas decorating.  They're so bright and cheery, I guess.  Whatever the reason, as soon as I saw this pin for felt cardinal ornaments, I knew I had to make some.

These ornaments are really very simple to make - just felt, glue, black thread and a small bit of polyfill.  The trickiest part was transferring the stitching lines to the felt.  I printed the pattern on standard printer paper, cut it out and used a marker to draw around it on the felt.  However, the felt is too thick to allow tracing the interior lines on the wing (maybe with a light box?) so I just free-handed the stitching on the wings.  The beak can be cut from felt or stitched with embroidery floss.  I chose the felt option and I glued the black and gold pieces on with craft glue rather than stitching.  I'm pleased with the outcome and hope to find time to make a few more.


  1. That's darling. You are the pin it and do it Queen! I don't even think a light box works with felt. Not sure how to transfer embroidery lines.

  2. that is adorable!! I like how it is relatively easy to do! (not that I"m going to make any this year, LOL, but who knows for future years :)