Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Camping We Will Go . . .

Wanderlust A strong longing for or impulse toward wandering;  an innate desire to rove or travel about.

When I was younger, I had no desire to travel.  When there was extra money to be spent, I wanted "things" - something tangible that I could see or use every day.  Spending money on travel seemed like a waste because you had nothing to show for it.  Now that I'm not so young, I realize that the experience is the "thing" to be gained.  I no longer care so much about collecting more stuff, and I've developed a wanderlust.  

Towards that end, we've invested in a vacation home.  No, it's not a beach house or a mountain cabin - it's a 25-year-old pop-up camper. This is a vacation home for small-scale wanderlust between major trips. 

Last summer we discovered Indian Cave State Park, fabulous spot for hiking and picnicking.  Dave also spent quite a bit of time at Kirkman's Cove Recreation Area - water skiing and golfing.  Camping in either of these locations seemed to be an economical and convenient way to satisfy that need to wander - even if it's in 20-mile increments.

Over the years, we've had friends who took camping vacations - elaborate trips that took a week to plan, prepare food, pack and load the camper, then another week to clean up when they got back - in campers with all the amenities of home.  We were never interested because it seemed like too much work to be a vacation.  Our vision of camping is a primitive one or two night get-away that can happen spur-of-the-moment.  We want to cook on a campfire, sit outside and watch the stars - unplug for a night.  We discussed tent camping, but were concerned about having the dogs inside a tent and wildlife roaming outside the tent.  Mostly, concerned that Big Dog would go right through the side of the tent to play with new friends.  What we really wanted is an enclosed bed on wheels.  We found that and just a bit more.

Our new vacation home will sit in the back of the pick-up.  The top pops up to make the interior standing height.  

There's a full-size bed above the cab, a table and seating area that converts to a second bed (for the canine kids)
and a little, tiny kitchen. 

All it needs is some sprucing up - updated curtains and cushions, maybe a couple throw pillows.  With some standard supplies stored in the cabinets, we will be ready on the spur of the moment to grab a pack of hot dogs, load up the pups and enjoy a peaceful break.  

Before you get to thinking I've become a total pioneer, you should know - this is included in those "standard supplies":


  1. Love the camper! R U going to do some glamping? Maybe just with your sewing talents you will add some vintage curtains and seat covers? It sounds like fun!!

  2. Love it! I like sleeping in a real bed, so tents aren't for me. But this would be a fun way to travel.

  3. That's a great size for a camper; enjoy your many adventures in it!


  4. Great camper. Looks nice inside. We didn't get out much in ours last summer, but looking forward this year. First year we did a lot of cooking on the fire, now we take electric appliances such as a deep frying pan and can make lots of stuff in there. Also have two burners in the camper, but it is nice to stand outside and cook.

  5. You'll get a lot of enjoyment out of that, Tami. Nice shape for 25 years old! We've been camping for years. Started in a tent when the boys were young, moved up to a used 19ft. Travel trailer then a motor home which I hated so we went back to a travel trailer and then down to a pop up camper. We don't go as often as we use to now. We have a vacation plan and we stay in condo's mostly. I've never cooked on an open fire though! We always had the little camp stove. It will be nicer with the dogs too. You can't go off at all and leave them in a tent but you can in the camper. Now that our dogs are gone we might camp more! Traveling with 2 big dogs throws a whole new element into the mix. Make sure and check with your state parks that they allow dogs. Most of ours don't, only a few of them do. Looking forward to your trip post!

  6. It's awesome. I hope you have many years of fun and adventure!