Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's a Dog's Life . . .

Calves are one of my favorite signs of Spring - especially since we don't have to do any of the work of getting them here.  They usually show up in a stock trailer while I'm at work.  This evening we walked out to meet a couple new arrivals.

#9 wanted to play.

 Mama wasn't sure Gabby was an appropriate playmate.

When #9 got too close . . .

. . . Mama stepped in . . .

and checked out the interloper.

Gabby must have passed the test.  She let #9 make friends.
(Of course they had to pick the only spot on the fence with a stuck tumbleweed.)

And what has Molly doing during all this?

She kept Dave busy playing "Hide and Fetch" inside a stack of drainage tiles.


  1. How cute! Glad Gabby made a new friend - Molly will play fetch anywhere, anytime, with anybody, even if it involves mysterious huge things like dark drainage pipes! Love your farm life!

  2. Very cool! I wish we had some livestock near us, but the farmers close by only grow grain. It has charm, but no personality. ;)