Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Things That Go "Flop" in the Night

"We're not laughing at you, we're laughing with you."  Famous words usually spoken when I'm not laughing!  But there are times that I just have to laugh at myself and move on.  Such as when I attempt a new craft and it's a disaster.

It's so fun to tell you about my great crafting plans and post pictures of my successes, but what about the times that my big ideas come crashing down with a giant FLOP!?  Confession is good for the soul - or so says someone who's probably a lot smarter than me - so here is my Crafting Flop Confession:

It started with a cute idea from Pinterest to take an old book, remove the pages, insert grommets and binder rings, and create an album for storing greeting cards, post cards and other keepsakes.  The train started to leave the tracks when I searched through my box of books from an estate sale that have been designated as craft supplies.  None of them were large enough to hold some of the cards I have saved.  What I needed was a modern hardback - the kind that are about 10" tall.  So I found one on my bookshelf that I had read and didn't particularly like and sacrificed it to the crafting gods.  Now I had an appropriately sized cover but it was neon yellow and red - not the vintage look I was wanting.  So I got yet ANOTHER brilliant idea from Pinterest - I would "alter" the cover with fabric, paper and Mod Podge. The craft train was seriously tilting!   
It completely derailed on Brilliant Pinterest Idea #3:  Make my own Mod Podge.  I didn't measure what you would call "precisely" - it seemed like one of those things you could just eyeball.  Evidently not.  And maybe I should have researched Mod Podging on cardboard . . .

What I ended up with was a buckled, bubbled, bumpy cover that refused to close correctly.  Some of the embellishments were falling off, some were firmly attached, just not where I wanted them.  There are no words for it but "epic fail"!

Unfortunately, this was not a lone flop.  I have them frequently, but just usually keep them to myself.  But this time I am confessing.  Not sure if it helped my soul, but my outside is laughing!


  1. I've had craft projects go awry and can feel your pain. It doesn't keep me from experimenting, though. I'm sure you'll learn from this experience and do better next time. ;)

  2. I would say that flops are not the norm for you - your work is normally outstanding! But you have gained some valuable information and I already passed your lesson about modpodge or decopage along to a friend who was thinking of making her own! So you see - - - people are still learning from your craftiness!!