Saturday, March 9, 2013

It Wasn't Blue Rock, Montana . . .

. . . but we saw the Redheaded Stranger.  

Willie Nelson made a one-night stop in Topeka so, even though it was a Thursday and Topeka is 90 miles from here, I sat at the computer counting down the seconds till tickets went on sale, then grabbed eight seats as close to the stage as possible.  Actually, as close to the stage as affordable - the first few rows were going for a price that made my eye twitch.  We were still in row 20, so not bad.  Dave and I, and three other couples left early, to have time for bangers and mashed, shepherd's pie, or fish and chips at The Celtic Fox - and a surprise visit from Dallas, our nephew who was on leave from the Marine's - before heading to the Topeka Performing Arts Center.

This was Dave's 6th and my 4th Willie Nelson concert.  Even though April 30 will mark Mr. Nelson's 80th birthday, but he still puts on a pretty good show - a bit shorter than 30 years ago, but who can blame him.  We were slightly disappointed that he chose to sing some little-known songs, some Hank Williams numbers and other eclectic choices, rather than choosing more from his own long list of hits, but we did get to hear Goodhearted Woman, On the Road Again, Me and Paul, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (ask Dave about that song at my first Willie concert), Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I DieYou Were Always On My Mind and a lesser-known personal favorite, Still is Still Moving To Me.  As long as we get to hear the opening strum of Whiskey River and watch the Texas flag unfurl behind him - we're happy fans. 
Some of us were happier fans than others.
(Unlike Toby Keith, I believe he'd smoke weed with Willie again.)

If you've never been fortunate enough to see Willie Nelson in concert, this an example from Youtube of the famous strums and stripes.


  1. Oh I truely love Willie Nelson, he's so sexy...just my humble opinion!!

  2. Wow! Lucky you!!! I'd love to see him in concert, but then, where I live, concerts are a day's drive away in any direction, an overnight in a hotel and a long drive home again. It just never happens, no matter WHO is in concert anywhere. Like I said, Lucky you!

  3. I didn't know Willie had a younger brother!!!!! Isn't that a great place to go? I love the TPAC! Glad you had a great time!!

  4. Wow, I didn't realize how old Willie Nelson was! WTG for him still being out there performing! Glad you got to go to see him!


  5. We saw Willie years ago but he's coming to Omaha soon and I'm seriously thinking it might be time to see him again. After all, at his age, this could be our last chance.

    Sounds like you had a great time!