Friday, March 15, 2013

What Are You . . .

I am borrowing today's blog topic from my sister, Teri @ Henningsen Happenings, who borrowed it from Trish, who borrowed it from Suey and Lisa.  I blog to express my originality. 

The question is, what am I . . .

Listening to:  My current audio book in the car is The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd  - on Teri's recommendation.  Only on disc two so the jury's still out.  Musically, I have a new love - The Zac Brown Band:  Toes, Island Song, Where the Boat Leaves From (are we sensing a theme?) and my new favorite song:

Eating:  Way too much.  I've been on the Nutrisystem, low-fat, low-calorie bandwagon for over a year now, but I fell off this week.  I've been to the Chinese buffet for lunch 3 times and I ate Oreos out of the vending machine at work today.  But the biggest lesson I've learned in the last year - it's ok to splurge on occasion.  Back to the regimen tomorrow.

Watching:  Right this moment - the Kansas State vs. Texas basketball game.  Round 1 of the Big XII is in the books - KSU 66, Texas 49.  Go Cats!

Reading:  After the Rain by Karen White (paper book) and From Notting Hill With Love . . . Actually by Ali McNamara (Nook)

Making:  A "Disappearing 9-Patch" throw-size quilt for snuggling by the fire when camping.

Planning:  Our first camping outing in our "vacation home".  We have a grocery shopping list and a Wal-Mart shopping list.  We're shooting for Easter weekend to test it out.

Doing:  Work, sew, read, repeat.

Feeling:  Blessed - had several opportunities to help someone in need by donating things we can do without.  Nervous - lots going on in the next two weeks. 

Wanting:  Warm weather, time outside, peace and quiet, time with friends/family - all coming up soon.

Thinking:  I spend too much time on-line.  Working to cut that down.

Looking forward to:  Daughter Amy is getting married next weekend (March 23) in Albuquerque.  Dave and I, son/fiance, daughter-the-younger/boyfriend are all taking the train.  Can't wait!

Now that you know what's inside my head, what are you . . . ?


  1. Good answers! Sorry you are nervous about the upcoming weeks - I'll pray - you relax and enjoy every minute. Love Zac Brown Band also!

  2. Tami,

    The Secret Life of Bees is one of my favorite books. I have read it twice. I am on the Love for Zac Brown Band boat too!

    The SD State Boy's B-ball tournament is on at our house. It's fun to see the small schools fight it out on the court.

    I am reading "The Cider House Rules" by John Irving. I really like it.

    Not planning a lot. It's hard to make plans during calving season. 7 first calf heifers to go and the cows are due to start in a couple weeks. With good weather, we will be farming too.

    Have a safe and fun trip to Albuquerque.