Saturday, June 29, 2013

Are You My Mother?

Remember this classic from 1960 about a baby bird in search of his mother?    We read it to our children so many times we had it memorized.  

Thursday evening Dave became a character in a real-life version.  He found this baby blue-jay in the tree-row beside our house.  It was hopping around, screeching loudly, "Are you my mother?"  

Dave replied, "I am not your mother.  I am a man. But I will feed you worms to keep you alive until your mother returns."  And he did.

Since we were preparing to leave town, we couldn't do much else to assist the chick except keep the dogs away and hope that his mother would hear his cries (they were hard to miss) and come to his aid.


  1. Aww....poor little birdie. Hope mama finds him.

  2. Oh what a sweet little bird! Yes I do remember that classic book- it was one of my son's favorites!