Thursday, June 6, 2013


Life has taken a turn toward "slow" lately and I just don't have any inspiration for posting. 
  •  Our son and his fiance took a 12-day whirlwind tour of England, France and Italy, and we got to deliver to/retrieve from the airport.  They stayed a couple days each time and we spent hours looking at pictures and hearing amazing stories.  
  • The garden is coming up and doing well - except the melons, which we replanted yesterday.
  • We went fishing and all I caught were Guiness-worthy clumps of moss.  Dave might have gotten four nice-sized bass - I forget.
  • The mower threw a rock and broke out a window in a pickup parked nearby (not ours).
  • We had a nest of robins in the tool shed, but they grew up and flew away.
  • And speaking of chicks leaving the nest, our baby turned 21. 

When she was that little blonde imp with the mischievous grin, I didn't believe moms who told me how fast it would go.  But I look at the beautiful woman with the charming smile (who is occasionally still mischievous), and I can't help but wonder where those 21 years went.  I start hearing country songs:  "You're Gonna Miss This", "There Goes My Life", "Don't Blink" . . .   *sob*


  1. I never used to believe people when they told me it goes fast - but wow, it sure does. Your daughter is beautiful. I have a feeling that if I went fishing with my husband, my experience would be very similar to yours. It's okay that life is slow right now - sometimes that's a very good thing.

  2. I love your blog post today!

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter! So glad you son and fiance enjoyed their trip to Europe. Boy that rock from the mower was scary. Glad it didn't hit anyone. Have a nice weekend.

  4. 12 days for England, Italy and France is a whirlwind for sure. I am sure they came back happy, but exhausted.

  5. It does go fast. My first born daughter just had her first born daughter 8 months ago. Hard to believe but awesome to know it is true.