Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Campers

 We finally found a free weekend to try out the "vacation home" we purchased this spring. We took it twelve miles to a beautiful pond owned by a friend.  The drive is gated so use is limited and the fishing is great.  There is a cabin on the premises, but our 80's-era pop-up camper is in much better shape.  There are no water or electrical hookups so this was a 24-hour stay - the maximum I can handle without at least a few luxuries - like a shower and a coffee pot.  

We got rained on a little, but found out the camper is water-tight; read; cooked over a campfire and then relaxed and watched the embers and the sunset.  We were up at 5:30 because when one person in a pop-up camper needs to use the facilities, everyone in the camper is awake - human and canine.  But the fishing is great at that hour and we caught more than fifty fish by 10:00.  

Here is our weekend in pictures:

The first trick was to back the pickup under that camper - definitely not a job for me.
Dave and our friend, Larry, attached everything . . .
Then we all held our breath that it would fit under the garage door.
We arrived and set up camp.
View from the water back up to camp
While it rained, we sat on the cabin porch and read.  
Dave prepared our fishing tackle.
The dogs were anxious to explore the water but neither is a strong swimmer.   Molly (small) liked retrieving the ball from the water, as long as she didn't get in over her head.  Gabby (large) wanted in the boat while we fished, but due to her propensity to chase fishing lures, she remained on shore.  After one desperate dog-paddling attempt to haul her 90 lbs. out to the boat, she remained tied up on shore.
Breakfast of bacon and eggs over the campfire is good.  Boiling water to make instant coffee - not so much.  I'm in the market for a campfire percolator - or an electrical hookup for a drip machine.

Gabby finally got her boat ride - and her own life jacket.
A successful first trip and we're excited to try out several other local camping spots. 

But this is hard to beat.


  1. What a beautiful spot!!! I think it looks like a great relaxing time - and I don't know if the dog life jacket is for fun or being very cautious and protective of a big dog as he learns to be a swimmer - but I love love love that picture!! Great post!

    1. The life jacket is because she is so big that she can only swim short distances without wearing out, and because hauling her back into the boat if she falls/jumps out takes a small crane. :)

  2. The Rancher and I are not much for camping. We prefer to "play on the water" and relax in a hotel room.

    I am sure you will learn something everytime you have a camping adventure. Looks like your first time out was a success.

    Neat capture on the last picture.


  3. Looks like you had a great first outing! I can't imagine 50 fish before ten - did you freeze a bunch or have a big fish fry?!

  4. Looks like a relaxing time & a nice change of pace!

  5. That's a lot of fish to catch so quickly. Looks like too much work for me, but fun all the same. thanks for sharing Tami.

  6. We're using an aeropress ( when we go camping, hardly takes up any space and makes a great cup of coffee!

  7. I have only camped in a tent and slept on an inflated mattress that deflates midway thorough the night. Despite your instant coffee looks like your accommodations were good and that you had a relaxing time. Perhaps instant coffee vs fresh leads to less coffee consumed = less caffein = easier to relax!