Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Needlework Tuesday/UFO Challenge

Needlework Tuesday is a regular feature, hosted by Heather at Books and Quilts, in which participants share the sewing, stitching and quilting projects they made each week.  I'm considering starting my own version in which I share what I meant to do and what new fabric I purchased for the next project that I mean to do.  Oh, wait . . . that's what I usually do anyway. 

For instance, I meant to finish the "camper quilt" that is my UFO Challenge project for June.  I completed one more row - so at least that's progress.  I meant to finish Amanda's prayer quilt that's just waiting for binding - but it's still sitting in the same spot.  Why didn't I finish them?  Partially because we went out of town to visit our son for a couple days, but mostly because I got distracted by a new project.

The little sewing time I had this week was spent making a giant quilt block.  I had a few 10-inch squares left from a "layer cake" and no plan or idea what to do with them.  So when I ran across this simple project on Pinterest, I whipped it together.  The finished square is approximately a yard square, so I think I'll add a wide border of some sort to create a lap quilt.  At least, that's what I mean to do.

Last week I posted a picture of the kitchen curtains I made and the additional curtain I meant to make.  Ha! Fooled you.  I actually got that done.  Just ignore the dishes in the drainer - I can't do everything!

It was a totally successful week in the new fabric department.  I got this fabric to make pillows for our daughter's new apartment.

And this retro print and coordinates because . . . well, because it's retro.
Project suggestions?
And these novelty prints and coordinate because, uh . . . they're novel?

   No, seriously - could you have walked away without that sewing print?  I didn't think so.

If you have to ask why I bought these prints, you must be new here.  Welcome!  My name is Tami and I am a Charlie Brown Christmas addict.

That brings us to the interactive portion of Needlework Tuesday.  These three fat-quarters are a "test run" for my first full-size quilt . . . I think.  My idea is to use this block in shades of aqua.  Heather has been advising me on color and design choices.  She recommended a light aqua, a darker shade of the same tone, and a neutral with a small print containing both colors.  Am I close, Heather?  I love the light and neutral, but couldn't find a dark piece that I liked.  The batik was as close as I could come, but I don't like the mixture of batik and non-batik - in spite of the repeated attempts by the store clerk to convince me that it would be fine.  I also think it's a bit too dark.  But there's enough fabric to make a test block and get an idea of how it will look - and if I can make this block - before I invest in yardage.  All opinions and advice are welcome.  


  1. Wow! you have a lot of projects on the go at once. But then, I guess I do too when you consider all the UFO's laying around just waiting for attention. I made curtains for 4 windows last week. The fifth window is still unfinished as I ran out of fabric. It's on order now--another UFO! I found some adorable, water-proof fabrics to make bibs for Grand #4, but so far.....
    Great post. Good luck on finishing all those UFO's.

  2. Your new curtains look terrific. It give the area a splash of colour and a "finished" look. Very nice.

    I love all of your new fabric, but especially the aqua ones. I think they look great together. If you are unsure, then a test block might be the way to go.

    Good luck with all of your UFOs. ;)

  3. Two of the fabrics would have come home with me as well, the cocktails and the Charlie Brown Christmas trees.
    I like your fabrics for the quilt. The colours are great and the batik does match so well with the aqua, the swirl in the pattern is similar in both. I do think they'll look good together. I have often mixed batiks with other fabrics as I can't always afford to purchase too many batiks (they are rather expensive here) Looking forward to your sample block.

  4. I love the sewing material!!! Actually I like them all and it has spurred me to get out the bandanas and start stitching up my 4th of July throw for the sofa! Can we have the annual Henningsen 4th of July without a red/white/blue bandana throw??? Good work sis and good ideas!! What is a batik? :)

    1. Batik - a technique of hand-dyeing fabrics by using wax as a dye repellent to cover parts of a design, dyeing the uncovered fabric with a color or colors, and dissolving the wax in boiling water.

      They have a very distinctive look. The dark fabric on the left is a batik.

  5. My husband and I have a collection of Peanuts mugs from our first Christmases in the late 70's. Then they stopped making them. We love Charlie Brown Christmas, too.

    And about those things you meant to make. I do that a lot. I do enjoy the planning and blogging about it though so do not fret if it never comes to fruition. Remember process is just as important if not more so than product!