Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Needlework Tuesday/UFO Update

When last we met for Needlework Tuesday, I was doing the happy dance over a fabric swap package I had received that included some authentic (not reproduction) vintage kitchen-print fabric.  My kitchen has authentic vintage cabinets, counter-top and flooring - so I have been dreaming of decorating in 50's era red and aqua.  This fabric fit perfectly and added just the right touch.
Look quick  - the counters may never bee this clean again.
I wanted the window on the left covered because it looks out onto a "mud room" full of coats, hats, dog food, etc.  I intentionally left the bottom half of the window on the right uncovered so that I could see out, but now I'm reconsidering.  Although the lower curtains would most likely always be pushed open, I think the extra splash of color there would be nice.  I have enough vintage fabric left to trim two more panels, so the plan is to make them similar to the other window, but with the trim running vertically along the inside edges where it will show more when open.  But so far I'm loving the vintage feel.  Thanks again, Connie!

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Project #2 for this week was to make progress on my June UFO challenge.  I accepted the challenge to complete a UFO each month for the rest of the year and, for June, chose to work on a throw-size quilt I'm making for the camper.  

I have two rows completed - and there are only four rows - but time is ticking so I plan to make major progress on this later today.  

And speaking of quilting, last weekend I attended a family reunion and among the pictures spread on a table, I found this shot of my Great-Grandmother.

Grandma Hattie quilted - totally by hand - for many years, and I am blessed to have two of her finished quilts. One of them was made especially for my mother with scraps from Mom's (clothing) sewing projects.  Great-Grandma finished it on her 80th birthday.  My mom is now nearing 80 and I see a lot of resemblance to her grandma.  I snitched this photo and it now sits next to my sewing machine for inspiration.

And one totally random thought:  Does anyone but me love the name Hattie?  Technically, it's short for Harriet, but the abbreviated form just sounds so feminine and old-fashioned and lovely.  I often regret that we didn't name our daughter Hattie.  Daughter doesn't regret it at all! 


  1. That fabric looks great in the kitchen. I agree, a little of the red and more of the print around the other window will add that bit more punch.

    I don't know that I have heard the name Hattie before. I do like it better than Harriet. That is a lovely photo of your great-grandmother.

  2. That's perfect - I love the vintage fabric in your kitchen! What a neat photo for inspirations - you're doing great with your UFOs. Hattie? If you had asked me 10 years ago, I'd probably say no , but now - yes, I kind of like it.

  3. Love the new curtains and the clean kitchen! But then that's how it always looks when I'm there!!

  4. Great curtains! Love the red! Adding that second curtain is a great idea. Your quilt for the camper is also very nice.

    I didn't know that Hattie was short for Harriet. Harriet is just okay, but I really like Hattie, but like Karen, I probably wouldn't have when I was younger.

  5. I love red in a kitchen. Mine is all red Kitchenaid utensils and gadgets. I agree a bit more red around the other window would look nice, even if is it pushed open. You might consider narrow strips on the side that are permanently tied back and never intended to close. The red sure sparks up the honey colored woodwork.