Friday, June 21, 2013

Blessings . . .

I attended a family reunion last weekend and my great-niece Elaine and another girl her age (10) came up with an adorable idea.  They created works of art featuring family and inspirational sayings, then sold them to the reunion attendees.  The money, they claimed, would go to help tornado victims in Oklahoma.  This drew some laughs and a few scoffs, because we all knew they had no idea how to actually get this money to anyone affected by the tornadoes.   But I was first in line to buy one anyway because I applauded their idea.  Then the lightbulb came on - our daughter, Amanda, is traveling to OKC with a group from her church, to assist in cleanup.  The $30 these two young ladies raised has been passed on to Amanda with instructions to deliver it to a child who lost their home.  She's not exactly sure how she'll accomplish this, but somewhere in Moore, OK she will find a child and present them with a wad of dollar bills from two little girls in Kansas with giving hearts.

The family reunion was actually a stop on my way to Hays because our son, Mitch, was having knee surgery.  This was the twelfth time that I have set in a hospital room waiting for either Dave or one of the kids to come out of surgery.  And I have to say, this may have been the smoothest, easiest procedure in the history of surgery.  It took about an hour to clean up  some torn cartilage and he was on his feet - with the aid of crutches - a couple hours later . . . 

 . . . although still a little woozy.  He was home and fast asleep in his own bed eight hours after entering the hospital.

Thanking God for generous girls and skilled surgeons!


  1. You have blessings all around you indeed.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks for supporting Elaine and Gabby - and thanks to Amanda for delivering the proceeds to Oklahoma - what a neat idea to find a special child to give the money to! A great lesson in giving for sure!

  3. Also - glad that Mitch's surgery went so well and that he is back up and going!

  4. Glad your son's surgery went well.

  5. Thanks for supporting the tornado victims. Although I am in California my daughter lives in Oklahoma City. She fared well but it sure was scary for us that the twister was within 3 miles of my granddaughters daycare. A subsequent storm dislodged and twisted the roof off her daycare over a weekend when no kids were there so she is temporarily in a different place with different toys, teachers and kids during the repairs. The effect is far-reaching. Those two caring little girls have big hearts. So glad they helped.