Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hour 19: Show it Off

It's hour 19 - and I'm winding down fast.  The house is quiet again.  Everyone has gone to bed - even the dogs.  I'm going to try to make it all night but will probably have to take a snooze.  This hour's mini-challenge is called Show it Off, hosted by Kay at Dead Book Darling.  The plan is to photograph the books from our personal library that we are proud of - signed copies, well-worn favorites, out of print - the ones you would grab in case of fire.  

Well, my bookshelves are in the guest room, which is occupied by a sleeping daughter so I can't get a picture.  I'll just have to tell you my most precious books:

Dave has a paperback signed by Louis L'Amour.  He actually has every book L'Amour ever wrote, but the autographed one is special.

I don't have any books with monetary value, but there are a few that are dear to me because they are frequent re-reads:  The entire "Cat Who . . ." series by Lilian Jackson Braun; my childhood copies of Charlotte's Web and Harriet the Spy; and, of course, three Bibles - one belonged to Dave's mother, one to his Grandmother and one is mine - a gift from my grandparents in the mid 60's.

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  1. My Grandfather loved Louis L'Amour, I never read his work but I did read a few Zane Grey.