Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Needlework Tuesday

The majority of my sewing this week was working on Halloween costumes.  I'll post pictures of them later in the week because they aren't quite complete, but here's a preview:  Some friends of ours are getting married . . . on Halloween . . . in costume.  Dave is performing the ceremony dressed as Alice Cooper.  Stop laughing, your tears are getting in the keyboard!  The bride loves Halloween, so this is her dream wedding.  I have "bedazzled" a tuxedo tailcoat and top hat for Dave.  I couldn't come up with a costume for me, so I decided to do the obvious and be "Mrs. Cooper".  I am making myself a red and black leather tail coat and gold brocade vest.  If they turn out to be wearable, I'll post pictures.  If not, I'll be scrambling for a backup costume.  I'll let you know on Friday.

In the mean time, the only other stitching I've done is to make a Pumpkin Pincushion that I posted about on Sunday.  But in sewing-related news, I have a new sewing machine. Make that a new, OLD sewing machine.  An early 20th century Montgomery Ward treadle machine.

We haven't been able to locate a serial or model number, but the machine was patented in 1886 and the cabinet mechanism in 1903.  I have a 1947 Singer machine and by that time machines had switched to electricity.  My amazing powers of deduction tell me that the treadle machine likely dates between 1903 and 1940.  All parts seem to be in working order, but the belt is missing.  A friend (a librarian, naturally) knew of a site to buy vintage parts, so we may get it functional, but it's really just for decoration.  My friend, Julie, described it as one of those things that just make you squeal when you see it.  *squeal*


  1. Sewing Machine looks nice. Waiting to see the Halloween dress...

  2. My daughter was busy on the weekend painting a costume for a foreign exchange student who is celebrating his first Halloween. He will be making his debut as Jack Frost. I'm looking forward to photos of Mr. & Mrs. Cooper in your next week's post.

  3. Awesome sewing machine! It's gorgeous. We have 1.5 of them, but neither of them is as nice as that one. The .5 is one that belonged to my mother. Now, it's just a cabinet that was converted into a planter after the sewing machine gave out. The other one belonged to my husband's mother. I don't know if it works, though, because I'm not allowed to touch it. :( Long story. It wasn't well cared for after she stopped using it; I'm guessing that it's not in working order.

    I, too, am looking forward to your Halloween photos. Have a good week.

  4. I love that sewing machine! And you found the perfect spot for it! Thanks for letting me help!