Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pin It/Do It: Pumpkin Pincushion

Things we know about me:
Original Pin from
  • I don't like Halloween.
  • I really likes Christmas (Seriously, a Christmas blog theme in October?).
  • I tend to skip over decorating or crafting for Autumn and go straight to Christmas.
But this little pumpkin pincushion was so cute, I had to try making one.  Turned out to be a very quick and simple project.

The instructions for curling the ribbon require starch, and I didn't have any, so I simply wound the ribbon around a pencil and steamed it several times with my iron, let it cool completely and slid off the pencil.  We'll see how long the curl holds.  Here's my version:

This project was under an hour - including time to dig through the scrap box for orange fabrics.  The original calls for two alternating prints, but I used four prints to use up some small scraps.  This is a great idea for a quick gift, or make them assembly-line style and whip up an entire pumpkin patch to use as table favors or craft fair items.  


  1. I like yours even better - looks more like a pumpkin than the pin does with the more orange fabrics. Very cute.

  2. That is great!! You know I think you could make white and pink pumpkins like I saw at the pumpkin patch, couldn't you?? Very cute.

  3. So adorable!! I'm very new to sewing but this one I might have to try.

  4. that's a great little pumpkin.