Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Needlework Tuesday: Halloween Costumes

I spoke with a young mother the other day who was lamenting the high cost of Halloween costumes.  This family is not in a position to buy a lot of extras at the moment, so she was trying to create a no-cost costume for her 10-month-old daughter.   While I was brainstorming ideas, I thought of the aprons I've been making and "voila" - the perfect idea for an easy, low-cost costume.
These are perfect for infants and toddlers.  For the Candy Corn costume, dress the child in one of the three colors, add apron and a white cap.  The Lady Bug costume includes a black elastic headband with pipe cleaner and pom-pom antennas.  Dress the child in black and you're ready to go.  I am also making a Jack-O-Lantern version.  

I forgot to put anything in the picture for size perspective.  This version is approximately 12" long from top of bib to bottom of apron, since the are intended for infants.  As in the regular aprons, the neck strap is elastic, and the waist band hooks with Velcro.  Also like the originals, they are reversible, so the back side could be a second costume, or an apron for kitchen-play later.

This is a quick and easy costume that can be made from scraps.  I had a fat quarter of the red fabric and I could cut three aprons in this small size. If you have any babies/toddlers to dress up for Halloween, feel free to borrow this idea.  I'll even provide measurements if you need them.

The only other stitching I did this week was a couple hours spent on perfecting my tatting.  I've improved enough to move to smaller thread for a more delicate look.  I'm not quite ready to try making something other than a chain of loops, but I'll keep practicing until I am.

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  1. hmmm could you make a lady bug adult size?? They are adorable and so thoughtful of you!