Saturday, October 4, 2014

Antiques, Art and Daughters

As I'm sure you know by now, Mitch and Amanda both graduated from college in May and Amanda moved to New Mexico the first week of August.  Those two events are what kicked off this whole Life Under Construction idea.  

Before Amanda moved, we got to have one entire day together for mother/daughter bonding.  It ranks right up there on the list of best days ever.  

Our first stop was my hometown, where we visited my niece and her week-old son.  Also got to see my sisters and have lunch with my parents.

After lunch, we headed for Manhattan, with a stop along the way in Clay Center, Kansas.  Amanda did her social work internship there and knew there were three antique stores she hadn't gotten a chance to visit.  Turns out two of the stores confuse "antique" and "junk".   The third try, however, was a beautiful store and we each picked up a treasure.

We reached Manhattan in time for a Hobby Lobby visit, then attended a "Cork and Canvas" class at Straight Upp Studio in Aggieville.

By a touch of serendipity, the painting for that evening was "Home Sweet Home" - a picture of the State of Kansas.  Perfect keepsake for her last week in the state.

We both created works of art that will likely be hanging in museums someday.

Art class was followed by sushi. . .

. . . and time to head home.  

We had a "no crying" rule for the day, but I'll admit, just looking at the pictures brings a few tears now.  Because something more than shopping and painting happened that day.  With seven hours in the car, we had a lot of time to talk - and we talked about everything!  This was the day I really "got" my daughter. I understood her plans, her goals and her outlook because I finally saw her as a woman instead of my little girl.  On this mother/daughter day, I spent time with an amazing friend.

Pass the Kleenex!


  1. I just spent a crafty weekend with my daughter. She visited without her almost two year-old, who I love dearly, but I got my daughter all to myself for the few days she had here. (Well, I did share a bit with her dad, but just a bit). I totally, totally, get where you are coming from. I am glad you had a wonderful time with Amanda. Robin and I had a great time, too.

  2. What a wonderful day! I haven't gotten to spend much time at all with Miss H for weeks and she's started talking about moving out soon. I told her that for my birthday I want a day just like the one you had!