Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mega Needlework Tuesday

I haven't posted for Needlework Tuesday for months, so I have a long list of craft projects I've been working on.  

A "hexed" case for my Nook . . 

An "arm knit" scarf.  This was really just an experiment and the only colors of chunky yarn I had were red and purple.  I "unknit" it as soon as the picture was taken.  The jury is still out on that craft.  it makes such a loose weave - even using three standards of #6 super chunky yarn - that I'm not sure I like the final look.  I did see a blanket made by arm knitting with yarn that was more like strips of fabric.  Maybe I'll give it another try if I can find that type of yarn.  Anyone have experience/advice to share on arm knitting?

A Prayer Quilt Re-Do.  Last Christmas I had my children, their significant others, and the grandsons each decorate a 10" square of fabric, then I sewed them into a pretty pink floral lap quilt.  I kept the quilt on the chair where I do my morning devotions and used it as a reminder to pray for each of them.   Ten months later, the three "significant others" are no longer in the picture (it's been a rough year in our family) so I ripped that quilt apart and restitched the five remaining blocks into a new lap quilt, using fabric salvaged from a "vintage" curtain I found at an antique store.  

Two couch pillows - (Front:) One from a vintage table runner and table cloth - even the rick-rack is vintage - salvaged from a garage sale box. (Rear) One from more of the curtain used in the prayer quilt.

And a sewing machine mat - This is a pretty basic idea:  two rectangles of fabric with batting in between - turn up the bottom edge and stitch to form pockets.  However, I didn't have quite enough of any of the fabrics I wanted to use, so a 20 minute project turned into an hour while I pieced together two sections of the Sewing Ladies panel and two coordinating fabrics to "make it work" as Tim Gunn would say. (The interior of the pockets is a third fabric.)

 I'm happy with the finished product.  The batting helps muffle the vibration of the machine, the three pockets across the front keep my scissors, seam ripper and other essentials where I can find them, and the batting also allows me to stick pins in as I pull them from what I'm sewing - since I have a tendency to just lay them on the table where they roll off. (Yes, that is a pin cushion sitting next to the machine, but it never seems to be sitting there when I need it.)

I've also put in quite a bit of time on the World's Wildest Quilt that I'm making for Amanda.  The blocks are completed and I am trying the quilt-as-you-go method of machine quilting each block then assembling.  To be totally honest - I'm not enjoying it, so it's pretty easy to put it down and work on something else.  However, since I have six of the twenty-four blocks quilted, it's really too late to undo and go another route - so I trudge on.  She'll be home for a visit on Dec. 13, so I need to kick it into a higher gear.

Oh, did I mention I'm also loom-knitting her a couple scarves, teaching myself (via YouTube) to paint with watercolors, and making Christmas gifts for twenty of the women in my life?  No distractions at all! 

What's distracting you this week?  Put it into a post, then link up at Books and Quilts.  


  1. Instead of a pin cushion I use a magnetic Grab-It. I just have to toss the pins in its general direction and they are zapped right up. If you dump the thing all you have to do it hover it over the floor when the spill is and the pins are zapped back up. Truly a handy tool. I have a second one in my kitchen for paper clips.

  2. Busy lady! I like the sewing table mat. Just pinned a pattern for one. Will have to do that this winter. My machine sits on a fold up table and vibrates something awful! Hoping to sew more now.