Thursday, October 16, 2014

Crafts With Kate

With Amanda off to New Mexico, I drafted our niece, Kate, to spend the day bonding over crafts, cooking and shopping.  Some activities were a bigger success than other.  We started by introducing Kate to antique shopping.  Not sure she's old enough to fully appreciate the value of history or the love of the story behind an antique.  But she was a trooper - we'll keep working on it.

Canning - Again, she gave it her best effort, but she thought it was a lot of work to get a jar of sweet pickles.  She doesn't even like sweet pickles.  

We moved on to sewing.  I gave Kate the choice of several beginner-level projects for her first time at a sewing machine, and she selected to make a fabric basket for her mom - out of K-State fabric, of course.  I was amazed at how quickly she caught on.  I just hope her speed demon tendencies on the machine pedal are worked out before she's old enough to drive a car. 
Next on the agenda was Mod Podge.  While I worked with paper on canvas, Kate chose to create a "crazy quilt" of fabric scraps on wood.  She added painted edges to complete her masterpiece.  

When she visited again last week she wanted crafts to do while her mother and I visited, so she got an introduction to hexies.  She selected 7 hexies from my stash and did an excellent job of hand stitching them together.  She added a ribbon to make a unique necklace to give a friend.  

I think we've established a pattern, so I better have crafts on hand whenever she visits.

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