Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tune in Tomorrow . . .

. . . or not.

I remember when our TV was black and white.  I remember when we only got 3 stations.  I remember when we first became a two-TV household (the father of three daughters was preserving his chance to watch Bonanza).  I remember when I had cable TV for the first time (college).  I remember when cartoons were only shown for four hours on Saturday morning. I remember when 6' satellite dishes started showing up next to country homes

TV has "progressed" (if you can call it progress) in the fifty years I've been watching.  We now receive our television signal via an 18" satellite dish in the yard.  And, with 400-plus channels at our disposal . . . we still watch the same three every night.   Part of my Life Under Construction theory is to eliminate things that do not add value to life, and I've been wondering, "Does TV add value to my life?"

I used to turn the TV on the moment I got out of bed or came in the door.  The majority of the time, I wasn't concentrating on what was on - just liked the noise - but lately I prefer silence unless I'm specifically interested in a program.  I find so much of what's on objectionable, and I don't want that to be the "soundtrack" of my home.  

My concentrated viewing is down to a handful of shows.  I've been watching General Hospital for more than thirty-five years, and I still record it daily, but I can skim through a week's episodes in an hour or so.  My interest seems to be fading - not sure if it's me or the show.  I love Project Runway, but I fast forward through the back stabbing and fake drama, and just watch the creative process and runway show.  Thank heaven for DVR! Dave and I share a Murder, She Wrote rerun most evenings as our "unwind" time before bed.  With the Christmas season coming up, I'll temporarily add movies to my viewing list. Throw in an occasional Denver Broncos game and that's about it.

As I age, I become less able to sit still through a TV show or movie, so my viewing time is always filled with hand sewing, knitting, etc.,  or watched in my sewing room while I work.  But I can just as easily work in silence or with music playing, so that brings me back to my original question:  "Does TV add value to my life?"

Once again, I'm posing questions with no answers, but I am considering giving up television for Lent and replacing the hours I would normally watch with Christian reading - the Bible, as well as Christian fiction and non-fiction.  There are some hitches in that plan - like the fact that I share the TV with my DH and he won't be inclined to join me during March Madness.  

What is your take on television?  Are you an avid viewer or would you rather read a book?  Or both?


  1. TV is a waste of time. So very little worth turning it on for anymore. We only have the very basic channels on cable now and thats because it was cheaper to get the broadband internet with a TV subscription. It does put a crimp in hubby's college football games and March Madness as many of them are not on channels we get anymore. Everything I want to watch I watch online with netflix and tunnelbear. I watch more BBC & ITV than our TV here. It definitely takes away reading time though.

  2. My hubby cannot live without the tv being on. I used to turn it on for noise, too, but now, when he's gone, I leave it off a lot! There is just so much on it that make you wonder if everyone in the country is just plan stupid!