Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pin It/Do It: Christmas Table Topper

This post is doing double-duty for October Pin It/Do It and Needlework Tuesday.  I pinned this project quite awhile ago, but was undecided on fabrics.  I also had a collection of 5 Charlie Brown Christmas fat quarters that I wanted to make into something that didn't require cutting them up too small or the prints would get lost.  Behold the perfect combination.

The original pin called for a plastic wedge template for cutting the pieces but, because of my self-imposed $5 spending limit for this challenge, purchasing one was not an option.  Instead, I printed a Dresden Plate template off the internet, enlarged to the proper size on the copier, and squared the outside edges to get rid of the scallop.  It would be cute to leave the scalloped edge if you're talented at finishing. Not I!  My pattern called for 16 wedges rather than 20, as in the video.  This went together very easily and quickly.

The video shows a slick trick for getting the center piece perfectly round. 

Tip:  Be very (I mean VERY) consistent with your seam sizes.  A little too big or too small and your circle won't lay flat.  Of course the video calls for finishing the outside edge with bias binding.  And of course I didn't do it.  I hate binding.  I layered my finished top with cotton batting and the backing fabric and stitched the outer edge, leaving a space to turn.  If you look close, you can see that my circle puckers just a little bit in places - proving my point about consistent seam sizes. 

Also, don't try to sew as a distraction when upset.  I had just received news of the death of a co-worker who had been battling cancer and my mind was wandering.  The finishing isn't as good as it should be.  I'm debating ripping it out and restitching the outside edge, but most likely I'll just use it as is.

Here is the original Youtube video by Missouri Quilt Company:

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  1. Cute!!! I've been wanting to try out Dresden plates but haven't had an excuse (I don't mind binding but hate appliqué). Wonder if I could enlarge and make this Into a tree skirt?!

  2. Very cute table topper and I do love the background pattern you have up right now.....really cute!

  3. Last year when we went to cut down our Christmas tree, we decided that we wanted a Charlie Brown style tree. It was a bit sparse in branches in a few areas, but it was begging to come home with a family to a warm and happy home. It was the perfect tree for us. Love the table matt.